Our Services

Market leaders in the restoration
and epoxy of cement, mild-steel
and fiberglass tanks.


Blastco Wine are market leaders in the restoration and epoxy of cement, mild-steel and fiberglass tanks. Epoxy specifically designed for the industry is utilized for this purpose.

Other cellar projects also successfully completed by Blastco Wine includes general cleaning & painting of cellar walls and roof, refurbishment/corrosion protection of wine pressing machinery and general repair work and coating of the cellar and related equipment.

Corrosion protection, abrasive
blasting, spray painting, industrial


High pressure and ultra-high pressure (400-3000 BAR) cleaning of heat regulators, pumps, boilers, pipelines and dams.

Abrasive blasting of a surface under pressure to prepare the underlying surface or remove surface contaminants.
Protective coatings with the intent of inhibiting or preventing corrosion.

Use of specialized equipment to prepare steel structures, ballast tanks and helicopter decks for the lining.

Cleaning and restoration of equipment in fishmeal plants as well as fishing vessels.

Installation of epoxy and polyurethane
floors in the industrial and commercial


Blastco Flooring operates as a specialist business
unit, employing a team specifically selected and
experienced in the application of industrial floors.

Services include the installation of epoxy and polyurethane flooring systems as well as the supply and installation of stainless-steel channels and drains
to the industrial and commercial markets. Flooring
systems include epoxy flooring, polyurethane flooring,
self-leveling systems and polyurethane screeds.