Blastco Flooring

Installation of epoxy and polyurethane floors in the industrial and commercial space.

Blastco Flooring operates as a specialist business unit, employing a team specifically selected and experienced in the application of industrial floors. Services include the installation of epoxy and polyurethane flooring systems as well as the supply and installation of stainless-steel channels and drains to the industrial and commercial markets. Flooring systems include epoxy flooring, polyurethane flooring, self-leveling systems and polyurethane screeds.

We are able to leverage relationships built with clients and strategic partners/suppliers, based on mutual respect and loyalty, to ensure a cost-effective and quality end product based on each client’s specific requirements. As the cost of downtime can be significant, we are able to handle large projects on a limited time schedule.

Our commitment: We are committed to providing a quality end product that is cost-effective and based on each client’s requirements. Our staff, processes and work remain our pride and will always be focused on quality and customer satisfaction. The owners of the business undertake to be part of the projects on a continuous basis, monitoring on-site quality and compliance. As a result, we provide guarantees on products and application.